Apartments for rent in unique locations in Warsaw

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The location of our apartments is never accidental, we pay a lot of attention so that each apartment is located in unique, interesting, valuable and beautiful places in Warsaw.

 Our apartmentspre are created by our team as if we were to live there ourselves or as if we wanted to be hosted.

Above all, location is of utmost importance to us. We want you to be close to everywhere, and at the same time, to make the city noise recede into the background, preferably a few tram stops away, when you go to sleep.We want to surround you with interesting places where the life of Warsaw flourishes. Finally, we want the places you come to be attractive to you by their very nature: from the landscape, architecture or atmosphere that prevails in the place. We are therefore diligent in choosing the right places for the right people and we are proud that we have such wonderful guests.Both those who value their space and appreciate our hospitality without meeting us, as well as those we meet and spend often unforgettable moments, often talking to them in their native language and drinking coffee in a local cafe or walking the streets of the old city . Of course, neither we nor you can always afford it, but it is a pleasure to correspond with you in a family atmosphere. It is for you, apart from the location of our apartments, that we find the most comfortable beds and furniture that best suits our vision. We take care of equipping the apartments so that you do not run out of anything, and recently we have been happily gifted by our fan-designer with extraordinary finishing elements that will give our spaces additional shades and show their character even better. Check it out and let us know how you like it!