Is it worth to visit Warsaw when the summer is gone? Of course!

Golden autumn in warsaw is very special time, one of the best moments to visit poland actualy. Here is why.

Colors of autumn


Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year in Poland, it is not so hot anymore, yet its still a long while before its gonna turn cold as well, Nature preparing itself for the winter sleep, become peaceful and relaxed. Autumn is the moment when everything turns red and orange, and gold. Colors of the autumn, traped in falling leaves, caried by the wind, through the air everywhere around. Its trurly spectaculous view. It bring certain optimism, subtle amazement of beauty of nature. the fruits mature on the trees, its great time to try delicious gifts of Polish nature, apples and cheries, and plum, and pears are just fantastic here in Poland, Autumn’s popular colours are various shades of red, orange, purple, yellow and brown. Bright and vivid, reflecting rays of sun and its fading light. Especialy with the tiny rainbows of the morning mist. After all, there’s a point in calling Great Golden Polish Autumn, or Gold of the North.

autumn in warsaw fall.jpgautumn in wasaw

If you are planing a visit and stay in warsaw at that beatiful, special autumn time, You will propably stay close to nature in near proximity of parks, enjoying long walks in peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, maybe you will want to visit restaurants nearby, to drink some really delicious hot drinking chocolate. They make it very special there. You will enjoy the magical evenings in Warsaw. Think of all this beautiful green areas that can be found in Warsaw. There are so realy many parks and gardens fullfilled with trees and bushes, turning red and yellow in autumn.  There is so many tiny lakes here and there. And monumental sculptures, which in that colorful background look even more monumental. Autumn in the city in Royal Łazienki Park or Wilanów gardens can be really beautiful. If you decide to rent one of our apartments, Łazienki are just 5 minuts by beatiful relaxing walk from us.

There is plenty of life in there.
Culture, and culture, and more.

Autum in warsaw is fulfiled with interesting events happening all over the city, the vibe is diverse, and robust. From the concerts and big mass cultural events, to small alternative atractions here and there everywhere, people by themselfs organize all kinds of games, runs, quests, activities in nature. Its fantastic time to do something interesting and meet likeminded local people.

autumn in the Warsaw city it's not going to be boring and it’s best to remember it. Warsaw adapts to changing seasons and constantly changes its face. It’s really nice to know it’s autumn looks. You can be pretty surprised at what you can see. Don’t wait for the summer, enjoy autumn in the city to the fullest, There is what to enjoy.

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