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You can rent HostingWarsaw designer apartments on flexible terms, for short or long stays. You can also extend the offer with additional amenities.

We create our Apartments with the artist's passion, designer skill and resoucefulness, humanistic understanding of human needs, with your time in Warsaw in mind. We create a living-friendly spaces and the macrocosm around it. Why? Because we love to create opportunities that have real value in the lives of the people we meet. We love to inspire, delight and coddle. We believe in growth and want to create the best environment for you to experience life just as we believe that life should be experienced.



The Hosting Warsaw Apartments are designer pearls refined in every detail
located in selected, most interesting locations of Warsaw.



Each of our apartments has its own unique style and taste, it's created with the leading thought and idea for ​​the apartment as a whole. We pay special attention to balance of all the important elements, so that each apartment fulfill you with the feeling of being, in the right place and time. because time and space is the most satisfying canvas. Fill them up with the color of your experience.



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We provide You with flexible short- and long-term rental options, talk to us about your expectations and we will create an offer best suited to your expectations!